Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kancheepuram Idli

Kancheepuram idli is an authentic south indian dish which you normally don't find in restaurants.

1 Cup par-boiled rice (puzhungal arisi)
1.5 Cup raw rice (pachai arisi)
1.25 Cup Urad dal (ulatham paruppu)
1 Cup - Yogurt
1 Cup - Oil [peanut oil or any other oil]
Salt - as required
Pepper - as required
Cumin seeds - 4 - spoons
Dry ginger (Sukku) or Ginger [4-5 small M&M sized bits]
Asafoetida (perungayam)

Preparing the batter:
Soak the rice [both] and urad dal for about 4-5 hours.
Grind the soaked mixture very coarsely with little water so it is not too thin or too thick.
Add whole pepper, salt, Sukku/Ginger, cumin seeds, asafoetida (a pinch)
Add 1 cup of oil to the above mixture and mix well.
Leave the above mixture overnight for fermenting.
After the batter ferments add 1 cup of plain yogurt and mix well.
Store the fermented batter in refrigerator to use when needed

Kancheepuram idli tastes good when prepared over a deep dish. Stainless steel glasses should serve the purpose well. Grease the dish with oil and fill 3/4th of the dish with batter. Use either idli cooker or normal cooker [with out weights] to cook idli. Fill the cooker base with water and place the dishes on the floor of the cooker and cook for about 20 mins in medium-high setting. Wait for atleast 10 mins before removing the contents.

After removing the dishes, use a knife to loosen the idlis from the sides of the dish. Cut the idlis to desired shape.

Kancheepuram idlis tastes great with chilli powder.